Sonu Nigam needs no introduction today, The man is recognized all over the globe for his immense contribution as a singer and for his versatility But what awaits him now is a unique distinction of getting listed in the Guinness World Records.

Sonu Nigam will soon be back on the television as the judge of Sony Entertainment Television’s musical reality show X Factor, recently revealed to us about the letter he got from the Guinness World Records.

We heard that he has created a record of sorts in the movie Tees Maar Khan by singing a particular song in 54 different voices.

Talking on the same 37-year-old Singer/Musician Sonu Nigam had to say this,
“Yes, I know I have created a record of singing a song with 54 different vocals in a particular song for which I have even received a letter from Guinness world records. But the thing is that they want the recorded proof of 54 different voices, which has to be recorded differently”.

“I have not got time to record this, but I will surely be doing it once I am done with my prior commitments and present projects”, promises Sonu Nigam.

Shirish Kunder already said that We are trying to add his name in records for his unique contribution to the song. It is sure that no one has done a song in 54 voices so far but Sonu Nigam has to prove this. One step is to be made by Sonu Nigam that he has to give a proof by recording the song for Guinness World Records. We know that Guinness World Records are coming to India and it would be easier for the singer to list his name in Records.

This would be one big achievement for Sonu Nigam. This would be an honour to his skills of multiple voices. I think 54 is not the limit for this man. So if he has time for Guinness World Records he can get his name in some more fields like ranges, multiple voices, and maybe there are lot more options for this man. His versatility is incomparable.

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