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Singer : Diljit Dosanjh
Lyricist : Raj Ranjodh
Music : Intense
Language : Punjabi
Music Label : Diljit Dosanjh

RiRi Lyrics

Oh Barbados di ae sohniye kudiye
Rang jo kanka di jaayi ae
Ho raj taan rab nu kare salam’an
Jihne pari dharti te layi ae

Oh Beautiful One of Barbados
Your skin tone golden as though born of wheat.
Raj (the poet) salutes the Almighty
Who set this Angelic Beauty on Earth

Tainu suit patiala leke dena nazrana
Tainu jhanjhra le aa da
Ni main tera aa deewana
Ni rihanna, ni Rihanna

I’ll gift you a special Patiala Style Outfit
I’ll buy you Anklets, I’m Crazy for you.
Oh Rihanna
Oh Rihanna

Teri moti moti ankh
Ni tu roop da khazana
Tere akhade vich aawan
Paake kurta pajama
Ni Rihanna, oh Rihanna

You have big wide eyes
You are a true treasure of Beauty
I’ll be at your Concert,
Wearing a Kurta Pajama
Oh Rihanna..
Oh Rihanna

Oh ankh teri ankh teri kardi wadde kaare ni
Fatty beauty waliye tere fan Punjabi wale ni
Vekh ke tera fan base ni sad’de mere saale ni
Addhi raati chakle hater bench trally paale ni

Oh the things your eyes do to us
You have Punjabi Fans crazy for you
Ms. Fenty Beauty
The Breadth of your Fan Base makes
the haters burn with jealousy
In the middle of the night
Tossed them haters into trolley

Ni teri taur uttey marda ae
Saara ae zamana
Ni rihanna, oh Rihanna

The world is in a Trance behind your sway
Oh Rihanna, Oh Rihanna

Ho paa le kurti punjabi ni
Main mogge tu sawana ni Rihanna
Tere akhade vich aawan Paake kurta pajama
Ni Rihanna, oh Rihanna

Try on this Punjabi Outfit
I had sewn for you from Moga, Oh Rihanna
Oh oh oh Rihanna
Oh oh oh Rihanna

I’ll be at your concert
wearing Kurta Pajama, Oh Rihanna
Oh Rihanna
Oh Rihanna
Oh Rihanna

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