Javed Akhtar’s speech in Rajyasabha on Copyright Amendment Bill 2010

Javed Akhtar’s maiden speech in Rajyasabha for Amendment to Copyright Bill 2010. When a song is recorded, 2 royalties are generated one is sound recording royalty which is for music company/producer and another is performing royalty for writer and musician. The law is in India already like other countries but in other countries, royalty is actually distributed to the artists. But in India, royalty is collected but not distributed to writers and musicians.

He told some bad incidents happened to some great musicians:
A great Musician Khemchand Prakash who composed a superhit song like “Aayega Aanewala” His wife was found begging at Malad station in Mumbai. He named various other writers and musicians who have lived in poverty though they have contributed a lot to music.

Now, this amendment to Copyright bill ensures writers and composers get 12.5% each, of what music companies/producers make when exploited outside.

Javed Akhtar Speech Video

Bill is passed by Rajyasabha and now copyright bill is to be debated in Loksabha.

Read Some Musicians’ Responses to this brilliant speech of Genius Javed Akhtar:

Copyright act passed by the Rajyasabha.. For not just the composers and lyrics writer but singers too. … m.tmi.me/q8ejD

— Sonu Nigam (@sonuniigaam) May 17, 2012

@Javedakhtarjadu Sir your speech at the Parliament has left me speechless… What Emotion, Wit, Fervour and Spontanity… #UtmostRespect !!!

— shaan (@singer_shaan) May 19, 2012

Javed Akhtar is a real hero for fighting for all creative people, we are blessed to see the change and people behind it. Finally copyright

— Kailash Kher (@Kailashkher) May 18, 2012

@Javedakhtarjadu stellar speech in the RS today !!! Many Congratulations on the bill being passed !!!

— Ehsaan Noorani (@EhsaanSEL) May 17, 2012

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